3- Bienvenue à bord : Les certifications

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This certification ensures continuous improvement and adaptability of all the company’s services.
The ISO 9001 certification
For many years, Verbus has been certified by AFAQ ISO 9001/2015. This certification ensures continuous improvement and adaptability of all the company’s services to the needs and requirements of its customers and users.
The ISO 9001/2015 certification imposes a set of internal organizational requirements for the company in order to provide an effective quality management system for the services rendered. Verbus demonstrates its ability to consistently deliver a product in accordance with the requirements of its customers and users and the regulatory constraints imposed on its sector of activity.
The ISO 9001/2015 certification also highlights the company’s continuous improvement capabilities through its measurement and control requirements of its performance criteria for its customers. The AFAQ ISO 9001/2015 certification, through an independent and universally recognized judgment, comes in consecration of a policy established for many years.

The ISO 14001 certification

By obtaining the AFAQ 14001/2015 certification, Verbus emphasizes its responsibility for environmental management. It denotes, over many years, the company’s constant concern for environmental performance and control the impacts of its activities, to comply with the regulatory constraints in force, to prevent any form of accidental pollution of its environment and to reduce its Consumption of common natural resources.
The certification AFAQ 14 001/2015 awarded by an independent organization is not a label created from scratch but the recognition on the basis of demanding and universally recognized criteria of the value of the commitment of the company respecting the Environment.