5- Les lignes nationales

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VERBUS vehicles travel thousands of kilometers each day as part of national lines operations offering users unprecedented mobility at very competitive prices.

Since their inception, the operation of these high-level national lines has brought regular road transportation of passengers into another dimension, a challenge that VERBUS cannot avoid. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days and nights coaches rotations without interruption, a logistical dimension under constraints of time (driver relays, refueling of vehicles, etc.), all of this are subjects in which VERBUS has prove its effectiveness and the innovative and reliable nature of its operating techniques.

In 2016, out of 3546 races carried out on 6 lines operated and 2.5 million kilometers traveled : not even a race had to be postponed or canceled, a service reliability rate of 100%. VERBUS demonstrates the unwavering strength of its road transport of passengers operating system and its ability to react and adapt to all types of constraints and environments in the course of its activities (high-frequency services, in dense traffic or in harsh weather conditions services).