4- La location de bus avec chauffeur

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VERBUS offers real expertise in the field of customized transport, relayed by a sales team entirely dedicated to listening and consulting its customers. VERBUS offer in the “à la carte” transport sector is based on a wide range of vehicles and a large fleet to meet all demands. VERBUS innovates by deploying 4 classes of services well differentiated and able to ensure a perfect match to the demand of its customers. A range of optional services will complement this system, so each component of the VERBUS service is defined by its customer as close as possible to its desires.

Because every detail of the VERBUS transport service is so important, we follow up with our customers both during the preparation of their journey and during and after it. Every trip is well prepared by our teams. The vehicle assigned to you is chosen from a large and varied park and perfectly adapted to your needs and the constraints of your journey. The driver who will ensure your travel is a professional regularly evaluated and trained in all aspects of his mission (safety, soft driving, …) and your trip is well prepared.

Thanks to its experience in all areas of road passengers transport, VERBUS is able to satisfy exceptional demands, particularly in terms of volume during large event operations for example. VERBUS also has a very short reaction time allowing us to ensure your requests in shortest possible time allowed.